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In- House Builders
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Glenshire New Green Home

Site Design:

  • Planting a native wildflower area to support bees. 
  • We are minutes from the new Legacy Trail, which connects us by bike from house to downtown. We use this frequently! We intentionally chose our lot a) to be near the Legacy trailhead b) to not have large hills as lazy-barriers to using the trail.
  • Daily 10 min walk/bike to elementary school.
  • River-friendly landscaping assessment by TRWC - it's a big project, implementation in process.
  • Greenhouse planned.

Water Conservation:

  • Planted about 100 trees and shrubs (mostly native) around the property, with efficient drip irrigation. Native wildflower area requires little/no supplemental water. Incorporated hardscaping (patios, flagstones, bark mulch). In the process of greatly reducing our lawn in favour of a combination of gravel, bark, large stones and shrubs.
  • Hot-water-circulation pump on a switch for instant hot water.
  • Dual-flush toilets. 

Energy Conservation:

  • We chose a flat, sunny, south-facing lot to take advantage of Truckee's 300+ days of sunshine and built a passive-solar-heated house with south glazing and concrete floors for thermal mass. 
  • All lights are LED. 
  • All appliances are Energy Star.
  • Hot-water-circulation pump on a switch so pump only runs when hot water is needed.


Energy Systems:

  • Passive solar space heating.
  • Solar PV array - 2 kW more than covers our low usage even in winter.


Healthy Interiors:

  • Air-exchange/heat-recovery ventilator.
  • House envelope is metal and stucco for virtually zero maintenance, and to avoid application of toxic exterior-wood stains and sealants.
  • Extensive south-facing glazing means no artificial light well into twilight.
  • House designed with indoor-outdoor connectivity in mind, including a folding glass wall from main living area to on-grade patio and yard.
  • Views, yes!

Owner: Lisa Holan

Location: Truckee, CA (Glenshire)

Architect: In House Builders

Builder: In House Builders

Tags: New Construction
Passive Solar
Solar Photovoltaic
Water Conservation

Mail can be sent to: SiGBA P.O. Box 4245 Truckee, CA 96160

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