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Passive Solar Home From 70's

Site Characteristics or focus during construction or remodel: 6-acre parcel with excellent solar exposure.

Construction Type: Raised floor. 2x6 frame construction.

Passive Solar System: Passive solar double envelope including attached solar greenhouse.

Main Heating System: Passive solar augmented by 5 ton ground source heat pump system for space heating/cooling and supplemental hot water heating.

Auxiliary Heating System: Pellet stove & generator to be used in case of power outage.

Conservation Features: Home has 6” of foam insulation on outside walls of envelope plus all of outside walls of home are wrapped with foam insulation under vinyl siding

Subjective Evaluation/design considerations: The double envelope is an effective design. However it does need the back-up heating system for cloudy days and at night. Cooling is needed on days that are hotter than 80F. The ground source heat pump is an effective complement to the passive solar heating and also heats and cools a 24’x36’ garage & shop area.

Owner: Guinn 

Size: 2,800 sq. ft. 

Date of Construction: 1979

Tags: New Construction
Passive Solar
Ground Source Heat Pump

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