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Project Participants:

Faulkner Architects

Lakefront Green Remodel

Hayward Home

Site characteristics or focus during construction or remodel: The project is on a heavily wooded lakefront site in Carnelian Bay, CA.  The existing house was a 3,000 square foot home built in 1954 by the owner's parents.  The Owner had completed a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified commercial building for Hayward Lumber Company.  Subsequently, the main focus of the construction was to provide as many energy efficient systems and environmentally friendly materials as possible throughout the project.  The intent, during design, was to make this a LEED Certifiable project but at the time, LEED did not have a program for single-family residential projects.  The remodel was sited to take advantage of the view of Lake Tahoe and also utilize the prevailing afternoon winds for summertime cooling.

Construction Type: This project utilizes wood framed construction.  A portion of the existing house was disassembled by hand and most of the materials were reused for interior exposed wood paneling and trim throughout the house.  The new wood framing is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), the larger members are reclaimed.  The exterior siding on the Art Studio is redwood shakes split from sinker logs reclaimed from rivers in Northern California.  The exterior siding of the main house is reclaimed redwood which has been resawn.  A large percentage of the siding is reclaimed from the original house.  The concrete foundation contains fly ash, a natural substitute for cement.  The steel used in the project has a minimum of 40% recycled content.  The insulation used in the roof cavities is blown in soy foam.  In the walls, the insulation is made of recycled cotton from denim.  The gypsum wallboard (sheetrock) is mold resistant and certified with recycled content.

Passive Solar System: A solar chimney provides summertime cooling.  The system utilizes a skylight shaft located at the highest point of the houses volume.  The sun superheats the top of the shaft and thermostatically controlled vents open to allow a natural convection to operate puling air form lower floor windows up through the house and the chimney.

Active Solar System: There are no active solar systems incorporated.  The use of solar panels and/or photovoltaics were studied, but it was determined the site was too densely vegetated to allow for the type of exposure required to operate these systems effectively.

Main Heating System: In the main house there are two systems utilized.  In the existing portion of the house a pre-existing forced air system was upgraded with a high efficiency gas fired furnace.  In the new addition, all in-floor hydronic heat systems utilizing high efficiency gas fired boilers were incorporated.  In the Art Studio, the primary heat source is a gas fired wood stove operated by a thermostat.  A supplemental head source for this space is a base board heater which utilizes the instant hot water heater provided for domestic hot water in the building.  Ventilation for the house is provided via a ducted fire zone air to air heat exchanger system. 

Conservation Features: Other features of this project include:

  • Gas fired instantaneous hot water heaters with flexible piping throughout
  • Energy efficient (Energy Star) appliances.
  • Entire project provided with clad wood windows (dual pane with low ā€˜Eā€™ coating)
  • Low flow toilets
  • Reconstructed exterior deck was constructed using IPE wood.  This material is extremely durable with a life expectancy of over 100 years. 

Subjective Evaluation/ design considerations: We feel very satisfied with the project.  The client got all the programmed spaces requested.  We are confident that if or when a LEED Certification program for single-family residences is available, this house could be certified.  The solar chimney appears to be working as intended.


Photos by Joel Erickson


Project: Single Family Home, Remodel and 2-story Addition

Owner: Hayward

Size: 4,664 sq. ft. & Art Studio, 420 sq. ft

Designer: Faulkner Architects

Builder: Phil Thompson Construction

Date of Construction: 2005

Tags: Remodel/Addition
Passive Solar
Recycled Materials
Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

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