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Trombe Wall Passive Solar New Home

Site characteristics or focus during construction or remodel: 

The house sits on a relatively flat, oversized lot. This location was chosen by the Owner because of the level lot and full southern exposure.  The house has full sun all year from early morning until evening.

Construction Type: 

Wood Frame construction with huge windows that allow the sun to passively heat the home.

Passive Solar System: 

The home was positioned to take full advantage of the southern exposure, huge windows allow plenty of sun and then the rock trombe wall stores and re-radiates the heat at night.

Main Heating System: 

The heating system is done using woodstove heat circulated through a hydronic heating distribution system. Two wood burning stoves keep us warm all winter, hardly ever do we need to use the heater.

Project:  Three story single family home

Owner: Law

Size: 3,000 square feet

Designer: Mike Manuel

Date of Construction: 1991

Builder: Mike Manuel

Tags: New Construction
Trombe Wall
Passive Solar

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