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Project Participants:

Solar Wind Works

Fixed Panel Solar PV Addition

Site Characteristics or focus during construction or remodel:

Deck location offers best southern exposure for panels.

Construction Type: Reinforced deck railing to support 20 panels.

Active Solar System: 2, 10-panel strings of BP4160 panels (approx 3 KWatt) powering a Sunny Boy 2500 Watt Grid Intertie Inverter. Panels are mounted to deck on adapted Zomeworks Universal ground mounts.

Conservation Features:

Home has all Compact Fluorescent light bulbs

Subjective Evaluation/design considerations:

Only moving part of system is the wheel in power meter spinning backwards when full sun on panels. Still need to change out electric hot water heater to break even electrically.


Owner:  Mock

Home Size:   1,280 sq. ft.

Designer:   Solar Wind Works & Neal Mock

Date of Construction:   Summer 2002

Builder:   Owner & Solar Wind Works

Tags: Remodel/Addition
Solar Photovoltaic

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