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Project Participants:

Isbell Construction, Inc.

Old Greenwood Natural Resource Center

Site characteristics or focus during construction or remodel:

The intent of the building was to centrally locate it between Old Greenwood and Gray’s Crossing Golf courses–because the building was going to double as the maintenance building for both golf courses. The site was chosen out of the eyesight of the golf course lots and hidden from view it is stuffed in the very corner of the property. The site worked out really well.

Construction Type:

Metal building.

Site Use and &Protection Measures Before & During Construction (LEED Cat I):

Entire site was silt-fenced, everything was contained and BMPs were in place. All soil excavated from site was used in the berms in Old Greenwood.

Outdoor & Indoor Water Efficiency Measures in Project (LEED Cat II):

Low flush toilets. No-water urinals. The sinks faucets are hand touch units. 

Landscaping is entirely drip and is tapped into the irrigation system of the golf course, so no potable water is used for the drip system. 

They use irrigation water from the golf course to hose off all the mowers and vehicles. The water has been cleansed through a process and is re-introduced back into the irrigation system, so they have a 100% recycled water source.

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Measures Used in Project (LEED Cat III): 

Plentiful natural lighting was utilized, as well as numerous skylights and large windows in the shop areas. All bulbs in the shop area are fluorescent fixtures, and much of the lighting is on motion-sensors. 

Overhead radiant gas heats the shop areas. Building performance exceeded California Energy Code, Title 24 standards by 26 percent.

Space & Water Heating Systems:

Offices are Energy Star Forced air units, with hot water Energy Star Rated water heaters for the shop.

Green Materials & Green Measures Implemented in Project (LEED Cat IV):

Substantial amounts of FRP-Fiberglass were used in the project, with reinforced plastic utilized in all bathrooms. 

More than 94 percent of construction waste was diverted away from the landfill by recycling and reuse. Building materials used contain more than 10 percent post-consumer recycled content. 

• Concrete slab floors

• Insulation is a recycled product 

• Upstairs ceiling is bamboo 

• Steps are made of cork with brushed aluminum risers 

• Plaster has an aged, old world look

Indoor Environmental Considerations Used in Project (LEED Cat V):

Carpeting in office areas is low-VOC carpet. Low VOC paint throughout.

Subjective Evaluation/ Design Considerations: How well has the structure achieved its design goals? What would be done differently the next time?

The building is very functional and works extremely well. The only thing they would change is the waterless urinals; with 55 employees using them, they require too much maintenance.

PROFILE PROJECT: Old Greenwood Natural Resource Center

OWNERS: East West Partners

Size: 12,000 sq. ft.

DESIGNER: Ward-Young Architects


BUILDER: Steve Isabell Construction

Tags: New Construction
Water Conservation
Healthy Interiors (IAC)

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