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1980's Passive Solar Home

Site Characteristics or focus during construction or remodel: Home oriented east-west w/long south-facing exposure 

Construction Type: 2x6 wood construction 

Passive Solar System: Lots of south-facing windows and thermal mass including trombe wall

Main Heating System: Passive Solar w/ Propane FAU back-up

Auxiliary Heating System: Wood Stove

Conservation Features: Home meets CA Title 24 Building Energy Codes - well-insulated, double-paned windows, etc.

Subjective Evaluation/design considerations: Home gets very warm on a clear day and generally stays warm all night in the winter. Occasionally, the home needs to be ventilated during a warm winter day due to overheating.

Owner: Saccullo

Size: 3,160 sq. ft. 

Date of Construction: 1981 

Tags: New Construction
Trombe Wall
Passive Solar

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