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Advanced Weatherization Upgrades

Site characteristics or focus during construction or remodel: 

A ground source heat pump replaced a gas forced air system in 1996.The GSHP provides heating, cooling and water heating.

In late-2001 and 2002 the Starr home received an advanced weatherization treatment. The home’s building envelope(floor, walls and ceiling) was tested with a blower door to identify unnecessary air leakage. Once identified, the air leaks were sealed. In addition to air leaks around door and window frames there were many other areas in the building envelope that were identified for sealing.

Advanced weatherization work was also performed in the home’s crawl space.The perimeter foundation wall was insulated and a vapor and heat-saving barrier was placed over the crawl space’s dirt floor. The central air distribution system was also worked on by testing the ducts with a duct blaster to identify air leakage in the distribution system. Leaks were identified and sealed.

A new analysis was performed by another contractor who has discovered some additional advanced weatherization opportunities. These opportunities include replacing the existing leaky light cans with airtight light cans.


The ground source heat pump provided good performance and low heating bills when initially installed. The ground source heat pump’s performance and ability to provide the homeowner with low heating bills improved after the advanced weatherization work was performed.

The advanced weatherization work on the home has provided substantial benefits for occupant comfort and reduced heating costs. Additional work will be performed to further capitalize on the benefit of applying advanced weatherization techniques on this building.

Owner: Starr

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