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Chalet Style Green Building

Site characteristics or focus during construction or remodel: Flat site on creek with excellent solar exposure and southern views as well as views to north.Weak upper soils required deep footings. Focus is on taking advantage of solar gain, use and snow management.

Construction Type: Concrete masonry

Passive Solar System: Direct gain through clear thermal pane windows on south facade. Thermal mass provided by floors, masonry elements within the building and insulated concrete walls.

Active Solar System: Domestic hot water heating provided by 4 X 10 ft. heliodyne panels and also a 2.5 kw solar photovoltaic system integrated to the southern facing garage roof.

Main Heating System: Passive Solar

Auxiliary Heating System: Back-up heating provided by gas fire radiant using high efficiency boiler, as well as a wood fire system, i.e.,Tulikivi.

Conservation Features: Low e squared glazing on north, east and west facades; Clear glazing on south; Recycled wood content in high insulated value of masonry wall system; Use of solid fill cellulose insulation; Perimeter and under slab insulation; High efficiency mechanical equipment, lighting and appliances; High fly ash content for all concrete; All wood plates and wood in contact with concrete in residence uses recycled redwood; Exterior stucco is hydraulic lime, plaster and sand -- no cement contact Interior plaster will be the same; Local stone used for thermal break piers enclosing steel columns in solarium; Roofing material utilizes recycled automobile windshield gaskets

Subjective Evaluation/ design considerations: To build a home that is comfortable, inspiring and durable, and that consumes the least amount of energy while collecting the most energy available from natural resources, i.e., the sun.

Owners: Stoumen 

Size: 3,000 sq. ft (living), 850 sq. ft (garage, studio) 

Designer: Jon Stoumen, Arch. 

Date of Construction: 2002-2004 

Builder: Jon Stoumen

Tags: New Construction
Passive Solar
Solar Photovoltaic
Solar Thermal
High Thermal Mass
Recycled Materials

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