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Project Participants:

Hannafin Design Associates

Sustainable Enviroment Engineered Design Inc

Lakeview Green Remodel

Site characteristics or focus during construction or remodel: 

The home was remodeled to reduce or eliminate the use of fossil fuels and natural gas through passive and active solar features. The home had a large existing south-facing roof that presented itself perfectly for solar systems orientation and installation. The home had minimal insulation. The owner also wanted a vegetative roof over the new two-car garage. 

Construction Type: 

Existing stick-frame construction. 

Site Use and & Protection Measures Before & During Construction (LEED Cat I): 

All TRPA BMPs were implemented. 

Outdoor & Indoor Water Efficiency Measures in Project (LEED Cat II): 

The owner added a vegetative roof over the new two car garage. The vegetative roof is helpful in reducing storm-water runoff, and so on. 

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Measures Used in Project (LEED Cat III): 

Included in the remodel was the addition of blown-in polystyrene insulation that nearly doubled the existing insulation’s R-value. During the remodel, the old windows were removed to incorporate high passive solar gain windows in order to passively collect as much of the sun’s energy as possible. 

Space & Water Heating Systems: 

The project utilizes a 3.4 Kilowatt Solar PV electric generation system. It consists of 20 BP panels located on the south-facing roof. The 3.4 kW system was optimized to provide zero-net electricity use by each year’s end. The client was uniquely qualified for such a small system through historical electricity use data of around 9.5 kWhs per day average use. 

Additionally, a solar thermal heating system was used to create 180,000 btus/day on an average winter day. Solar tubes were used as opposed to typical flat plate collectors in order to maintain high water temperatures and reduce the amount of heat loss during the cold winter days. A 900-gallon storage tank is used to store energy for up to three winter days before back-up heat is needed. The owner is expected to use the new wood-fired stove to help heat the home during excessively cold days, and especially cold nights. 

Green Materials & Green Measures Implemented in Project (LEED Cat IV): 

The owner added a vegetative roof over the new two-car garage. 

OWNERS: Smith 

Size: 1,800 sq. ft. 

DESIGNER: Hannafin Design Associates 

ENGINEER: Stephen Witek, Sustainable Environment Engineering Design (SEED) 


BUILDER: Galleta Construction 

Tags: Remodel/Addition
Solar Photovoltaic

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