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Tahoe City Condominium Exterior Improvements

The Villas Condominium Association was built in the early 1970's and had very little roof insulation, single pane windows and weatherproofing issues. The association decided to undertake an effort to renovate the entire exterior surface of the buildings and hired an architect and construction manager to refine the project.


There were two layers of different roofing on the units which contributed to leaks. Both layers were torn off and rigid insulation was added by using nailable base product. Standing seam roofing was then installed. This brought the roof insulation value up to R18 from an R3 beforehand. While not insulated as much as current standards this increase will dramatically lower heating costs with a reasonable cost retrofit.

Structural Repairs:

The rear deck supports had been enclosed by finished plywood which captured water leading to rot. The plywood was removed and the supports were replaced as well as the connections to the building. Eight entry decks were also replaced as part of the project and a program to replace more decks in the future was put into place.

Windows and Siding:

New dual pane vinyl windows, cedar siding and stucco were installed on the building walls.  The new drainage plane behind these materials was carefully designed to shed water and prevent it from getting inside the building. A full weather resistive barrier and strategic flexible flashing were the main components in the drainage assembly. This also improved the air-tightness of the building and helped to lower heating costs and improve comfort. The windows also helped quiet the interiors from road noise.

Overall the visual aspect was greatly improved as well. Mountain modern colors were used and the exterior grounds were also improved to prevent erosion through the use of rock and wood chip mulches.

1970's Condominium Exterior Improvements

Location: Tahoe City

88 unit condominium association

Date of reconstruction: 2013-2014

Architect: Ward-Young Architects

Construction Manager: Prosser Building & Development, Inc.

General Contractor: GLA Morris

Tags: Remodel/Addition

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