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New Home using SIP Construction


This house was specifically designed to maximize the south facing lot by utilizing passive solar design and thermal mass to help heat the structure. The building envelope was constructed with 8” thick SIPS panel walls and 10” thick SIPS roofing panels to hold in the heat created by the solar gain. All wood products utilized on the exterior for siding are reclaimed redwood material, re-milled on site by In House Builders. All other exterior siding products used were corrugated and flat sheet metal which are appropriately fire resistant and require no maintenance. This house has been hardwired and designed for the future placement of a grid inter-tie photovoltaic system. On the interior of the house reclaimed redwood and Douglas fir trim was used throughout and reclaimed Douglas fir accents. An efficient heating system was installed utilizing radiant floor tubing and a super efficient boiler system inside of concrete slab finished flooring to maximize retained heating. Throughout the home formaldehyde free adhesives were utilized and all painting was done with no VOC paint. All appliances used contained the energy star rating.



This project is a great example of how so many materials can be reused. In particular all of the wood on this house was reclaimed from somewhere and by taking the time to mill it all down it created a beautiful reused product. By being really resourceful and creative with different materials we were able to finish this house on budget. Also, preplanning is key. I have been saving and collecting materials for a few years now that would have been thrown away as waste material and I have managed to incorporate almost everything I saved into this house. I am also proud of the fact that there was almost no waste from this house since we really were not buying wood material to finish it. Also that is the great thing about SIPS panels because you have them fabricated to your plans and this eliminates a lot of the wasted material created by conventional framing.

ARCHITECT/DESIGNER: In House Builders/ Jude Gavigan and Ryan Borman

BUILDER: In House Builders

OWNER: Gavigan


SIZE (SF): 2,800 SF


COST/SF: $275



  • Reclaimed redwood siding
  • Reclaimed redwood and Doug fir for window and door trim
  • Recycling of all waste from construction
  • Fly Ash added to all concrete work
  • Structurally Insulated Panels
  • Soy Base blown in insulation


  • SOY based blown in insulation in floor and for air sealing and 8” SIPS for wall cavities
  • 10”Thick SIPS Panel Roof
  • Green Guard Waterproofing Membrane

HVAC/ Indoor Air Quality:

  • Efficient hydronic heating embedded in concrete floors to retain heat
  • No VOC paints and finishes
  • formaldehyde free adhesives


  • Solar PV Grid inter tie ready with panels to be added in the near future
  • Energy Star Appliances


  • Storm water filtration system and run off collection

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