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Project Participants:

East West Partners

Wild Goose Restaurant

Site characteristics or focus during construction or remodel:

LEED-CI pilot participant. This project focused on the commercial interior remodel of the former Sunsets restaurant. The goal was to recreate the entrance to the building, create an upstairs dining space, enhance the kitchen facilities, provide for better recycling/waste management, and create a patio dining area. Efforts were made wherever possible to retain existing systems (roof timbers, make-up air unit, and so on).

Building Construction Type:

Stick-frame construction.


Site Use & Protection Measures Before & During Construction (LEED Cat I):

Remodel and upgrade of existing building.


Outdoor & Indoor Water Efficiency Measures Used in Project (LEED Cat II): 

Efficiency measures on this project included bathroom sensors on all fixtures, as well as low flow sink fixtures. Drip irrigation for the landscaping was installed consistent with the native or drought tolerant species used.


Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Measures Used in Project (LEED Cat III):

Lighting for this project comprised a total connected wattage of 8,761, contrasted with the CA T-24 allowable 9,742, and ASHRAE 90.1 allowable 16,158, resulting in a reduction worth three LEED credits. 

Basic interior lighting was designed around a Lutron programmable dimming system (19 zones), as well as photocell and astronomic time clock functions for exterior lighting. This included an automatic shut-off for interiors during non business hours, with manual override, as well as sensors on lighting for all irregularly occupied spaces (bathrooms, storage, mechanical, freezer, and so on).

Natural gas was utilized for the dishwasher in kitchen in lieu of electricity.

Space & Water Heating Systems:

The three heating and ventilation units are Carrier 4-way multi-purpose, Energy-Star rated, featuring direct-vent with condensing gas furnaces (two for main floor areas, and one serving the upstairs). Honeywell Economizer controls were installed on each unit; the restaurant has no comfort cooling. Radiant floor heating was utilized along selected window spaces of the main floor dining area.

Outdoor patio heaters run on natural gas, with manual controls functioning as guest comfort demands change.

Exhaust fans serving the freezers are enabled when area spaces rise above 80 degrees.

The kitchen also features make-up air unit. Supply and exhaust are interlocked for temperature control and fresh air control. Manual controls for the sensor are driven as kitchen team desires.

Domestic hot water is generated by natural gas with a recovery of 291 gal/hour with 100-gallon capacity. This supplies the kitchen and bar areas with a three-way mixing valve to temper hot water from 160 degrees to 110 degrees as needed.

Passive & Active Solar Features:

This project was designed to employ natural daylight as effectively as possible. 

PROFILE PROJECT: Wild Goose Restaurant

OWNERS: East West Partners

Size: 12,000 sq. ft.

DESIGNER: Cass Calder Smith


BUILDER: Corda Construction 

Tags: Remodel/Addition
Water Conservation

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