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Energy Efficiency Remodel

Conservation Features: In the summer of 2002, the following was performed:

1) Building envelope air leakage reduced from 3,350 to 2,370 cfm

2) Distribution system air leakage reduced from 430 to 315 cfm (29% improvement)

3) Distribution system air flow improved from to 2,150 cfm (27% improvement) which corrected 54% below normal air flow problem.

Subjective Evaluation/design considerations: There were problems with heating the home due to distribution system air flow problem and leakage in distribution system and building envelope. It is hoped that the corrective work performed in 2002 will result in low heating bills expected with a home heated with a ground source heat pump

Owner:  Wright

Size:   2,050 sq. ft.

Date of Construction:   Original approx. 1970

Site Characteristics or focus during construction or remodel: South-facing glass

Construction Type: Standard 2x4 wood frame

Passive Solar System: South-facing glass w/ some thermal heat mass and woodstove hearth

Heating System: 5 ton Ground Source Heat Pump

Auxiliary Heating System: Wood Stove

Tags: Remodel/Addition

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