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Cost Effective Energy Retrofits - SiGBA Speaker Series Recap

Cost Effective Energy Retrofits - SiGBA Speaker Series Recap
On June 17th SiGBA hosted it’s first speaker series event of 2015. The event featured Mary Winston of Energy Masters, who discussed three recent home energy retrofit projects in the Reno area in her “Greening Your Home” presentation.

Energy Masters’ primary focus is on air-sealing homes to prevent energy loss to the outside and repairing any heating system duct leaks to ensure the heating system is working as efficiently as possible. She shared many great photos and details about finding and fixing all the leaks. They also strategically increased insulation in key areas of each house – attic, floors or around the ducts. In Reno’s climate, inadequate attic insulation can be a substantial source of heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

Mary’s company carefully tracked the energy consumption (primarily heating fuel – natural gas or propane) before and after the projects to measure their effectiveness. In all three cases they found the projects would pay for themselves in less than a decade, and in the case of the older homes the payback was even shorter – fewer than five years.

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