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Site Planning & Landscaping

Site Planning & Landscaping
Landscaping can either work with nature, thus saving you time, money and energy, or it can work against nature, costing you dearly. Most of us are familiar with "best practices" for landscaping such as:
  • Water your lawn in the morning, deeply, and only when it shows signs of needing it.

  • Use drip lines and timers to make most efficient use of water

  • Use native plants and drought resistant plants
For the most efficient type of landscaping, consider Xeriscaping.

Xeriscaping is the use of slow growing, drought resistant plants to create the most efficient landscape with the least amount of yard trimmings.

SiGBA Member Site Planning & Landscape Contractors
SiGBA Member Site Planning & Landscape Contractors
Solar Greenhouses
Paving Materials - Reduction of paved areas helps reduce stormwater runoff and helps eliminate the "heat island effect". New types of paving materials address these and other pressing paving issues
Stormwater Management - Stormwater is defined as precipitation which does not soak into the soil or evaporate and can flow along the ground as runoff
Sustainable Building Sites - It is crucial to respect the land we are building on

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