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Wastewater Systems

Black Water (Waste) Systems - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Blackwater (waste) is a relatively recent term used to describe water containing fecal matter and urine. It is also known as "brown water", "foul" water, or as sewage. It is distinct from greywater or "sullage", the residues of washing processes.
General Wastewater Info
Grey Water Systems - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Greywater, sometimes spelled graywater, grey water or gray water and also known as sullage, is non-industrial wastewater generated from domestic processes such as washing dishes, laundry and bathing. Greywater comprises 50-80% of residential wastewater. Greywater is distinct from blackwater in the amount and composition of its chemical and biological contaminants (from feces or toxic chemicals). Greywater gets its name from its cloudy appearance and from its status as being neither fresh (white water from groundwater or potable water), nor heavily polluted (blackwater).

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