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This file contains topics involved with the responsible use of materials including recyling and using salvaged materials.

During construction there are many opportunities for builders to reduce waste through efficient home design, optimized purchasing & jobsite separation & recovery.

Most builders are unaware that between 60% & 80% of the jobsite waste is recyclable. A jobsite waste management plan will help find the right place for the right recycled item.

EPA Consumer's Handbook For Reducing Solid Waste

This booklet describes how people can help solve a growing problem...garbage! Individual consumers can help alleviate America's mounting trash problem by making environmentally aware decisions about everyday things like shopping and caring for the lawn. Like the story that says cats have nine lives, so do many of the items we use every day. Empty cans and jars can be reused to store many items, such as nails or thumbtacks. The baking soda bought to bake a cake also can be used to scrub kitchen counters. The container that began its life as a plastic milk jug can be washed and reused to water plants, create an arts and crafts project, or be transformed into a bird feeder. Eventually, the milk jug can be recycled to create a new plastic product. Reusing products is just one way to cut down on what we throw away. This booklet outlines many practical steps to reduce the amount and toxicity of garbage. These aren't the only steps that can be taken to reduce waste, but they're a good start.

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The Reuse People

The ReUse People reduces the solid waste stream and changes the way the built environment is renewed by salvaging building materials and distributing them for reuse.

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Toolbase Services- Construction Waste Management

Construction waste can and should be managed in the same way as other home building operations. Efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle construction waste may save money, reduce liability, keep job sites cleaner and safer, and conserve valuable landfill space.

While job-site disposal may not be the biggest item on your budget spreadsheet, it probably is a growing number and it is eating directly into your profit. Whether you are a builder or a remodeler, moving from straight disposal to waste management can make your business more resource-efficient.

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Town of Truckee Recycling
Learn about recycling resources in the Truckee Area.

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"Tell them you found it in TruckeeMAX!"

The goal of TruckeeMAX is to reduce the amount of reusable business and institutional discards going to landfills.

TruckeeMAX seeks to help local business, government, and nonprofit organizations save money and other valuable resources by (1) reducing their disposal costs and (2) helping them find reusable items and feedstock materials for little to no cost.

TruckeeMAX is designed for nonhazardous materials that would otherwise be discarded.

This site is a partnership between the city of Truckee and the California Integrated Waste Management Board

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